Course Blog- Week 3


It is very sad that all too soon, the 3- week period has ended but this process has been very insightful and I am happy to have been a part of this cohort for the Field Experience in Maternal Health. For this last week, I have been having series of meetings with experts who have successfully introduced ultrasound technology in primary healthcare facilities in LMIC such as Ghana, Ethiopia, and Kenya in order to hear more about their success stories during the roll out and implementation process, some challenges and limitations they faced or encountered and the mitigation strategies they adopted and some ways they adapted to help sustain the project during the post training phase which most of the time is left out during such projects. Great ideas were shared and notes taken to help develop the current post training mentorship program I am designing for the Manicaland Province of Zimbabwe. This few weeks have re-oriented and changed my perspective of just doing clinical work to advancing in public health and the fact that in order to achieve your objectives and goals in public health, you need to see the problem as a more complex entity involving the health system, the technology, the providers, the patients, other stakeholders, financing, just to mention a few. I would like to thank Dr. Ana Langer, Nora Miller and everyone who have contributed in making this course a success.

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