10 Things I Learned & Am Grateful For:

After additional phone calls and meetings, I sat at my desk, rethinking some of the confounders that I had considered. Speaking to a lawyer that has experience in violence in several global settings, I gained a new perspective on the diverse policies and legal regulations that Jordan may have towards the Syrian refugees and how that might shape the interactions with the Jordanian host population. This week sparked an excitement in me to explore further as I shape the analysis of this study.

A scene from the crowded Za'atri refugee camp in Jordan hosting many Syrian refugees.
Source: UNHCR/J. Kohler
“A scene from the crowded Za’atri refugee camp in Jordan hosting many Syrian refugees.”

Meanwhile, balancing the MCH course alongside emergency procedures, family life, and other academic appointments was a challenge yet productive. I had initially stated a few weeks ago that I was disappointed to learn that our course would be online. However, in the past week I realized what the silver lining was as there were huge blessings that came from being able to stay in Boston as well. I believe that in either setting, we are learning to work with a new normal as a global community and there was tremendous value in this growth. Below, I share a few of the aspects that I gained from this experience.

10 Things I learned:

  1. Working with Dr. Bauhoff
  2. An amazing GHP 547 teaching team that was very understanding and kind
  3. Awesome GHP 547 cohort that shared wonderful projects
  4. Jordanian domestic violence prevalence and Ecological models of domestic violence
  5. Situation of Syrian refugee influx
  6. Writing a manuscript
  7. DHS data that is publicly available
  8. How to code the seemingly terrifying Inverse-probability-weighted regression adjustment analysis on Stata
  9. Time management and balance
  10. Global education through widespread networks

With this newfound knowledge, skills, and perspective, I realized that I had gained a valuable experience. Not only did I gain academic and professional skills of literature reviews, manuscript writing, and coding that I had originally expected and asked for, but I received a newfound perspective, social skills, and a network that I can continue to correspond and work with. I am very thankful to have been a part of the 2022 GHP 547 MCH Winter Cohort. My list above reflects this in that it is: not 10 Things I learned: but rather –> 10 Things I learned and am also grateful for. -HC

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