Week 3: Setting the Stage

This week we are sitting tight while the KMET team members over in Kenya are diligently organizing affiliated facilities, leadership, and healthcare workers in Migori county. One important task was preparing a budget proposal. We wanted to (A) ensure that interviewees were being adequately remunerated for their time and provided with the resources necessary to complete these interviews, and (B) invite KMET team members to be the primary decision-makers in what appropriate remuneration looks like among their facilities. Acquiring WiFi and cell service can be reportedly difficult in Migori county. As such, necessary preparation can include services like transportation, airtime cards, and room reservations. Other protocols and processes in Migori county involve disseminating project information among leadership and healthcare workers at our twelve affiliated facilities prior to recruitment.

Meanwhile, Hannah and I have completed our manuscript preparation and are conducting mock interviews with our team members. Although eager to begin interviewing, we are extremely grateful for this unique opportunity for thorough preparation and feedback from experienced team members. We are extremely fortunate to have our work reviewed by pundits in this field.

I am grateful to be apart of an exciting group of students and researchers with a unifying goal. This course has offered meaningful debriefings and plentiful support for effective projects and work plans. I am excited to continue my work on PPH EmC, and to be involved in future maternal child health projects!

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