Week 3: A Strong Foundation

The cover for the physical PPH EmC training and implementation package.

This week our KMET partners have been working to inform the Migori county health officials and the facility leaders about our study protocol. They have also helped us to prepare a budget for reimbursing interviewees for their personal cellular data use during the interviews as well as for their time. Maddi and I have peer-reviewed the manuscript sections we have been working on and sent them to our team members for review. We have scheduled a mock interview for tomorrow morning with our principal investigator, Dr. Burke. We have scheduled a second mock interview with Liddy from the KMET team for Monday. Since Liddy has conducted interviews herself in the past, we are confident that these mock interviews will greatly prepare us for the study interviews. In preparation for these mock interviews, Maddi and I practiced reading the interview guide aloud over a zoom meeting. This was very helpful as we were able to correct some sections that were grammatically awkward when read aloud. Although we had originally hoped to begin interviews during the January period, we are confident that the groundwork our team has completed will greatly facilitate the interview process in the coming months.

This course has been a wonderful experience and it is hard to believe that we have reached the end of the three-week period! It was a nice change of pace to have time dedicated to one project. I learned a lot from our weekly sessions, and it was always fun to hear about what other students are working on. When I first applied for the course, I had hoped to have the opportunity to travel as being physically present adds a unique layer of depth to the experience. The virtual experience was still a great one, however. There are many benefits to working remotely such as more time spent with loved ones. I do plan to return to Kenya, although I am not sure when that will realistically happen. Whenever I am able to return, I would very much like to meet our wonderful KMET partners in person. Until then, we will continue to work on this important study by building on the strong foundation we have laid over the last few weeks!

By: Hannah Peifer

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