This week has been very amazing and meeting all these great minds doing their best to improve maternal and neonatal health is very incredible. I started this week with a task of expanding literature review on ultrasound use in antenatal care in low-and middle- income countries, which was completed and sent across to the Senior Technical Advisor for review. Subsequently, I had the opportunity of meeting with the team on-site in Zimbabwe for the project where we discussed various ways to make the project a success for the Manicaland Province. The coordinators have been able to select different primary health facilities where the new ultrasounds will be given out for antenatal care services and have identified 40 trainees from these facilities to start training on ultrasound use. This team is divided into two, for which the first batch starts their training on Monday, 17th January 2021 and the next batch follows a week after. This is very exciting that finally there is going to be introduction of ultrasound in antenatal care in these low level health care settings which serves as an intervention to better maternal and foetal outcomes. I have currently been tasked to design a post training mentorship program for the trainees on site to provide good communication channel, support and community building not forgetting the various limitations that might ensue following implementation of this project. I am more than happy to do this and hope for the best for the team. This is a wonderful project and I hope to see it replicated in several facilities and other countries.

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